Sardinia Divers is located in the country between the tourist settlement of Cala Liberotto and Sos Alinos and the town of Orosei,  just a few hundred Meters/Yards away from the coastal main road SS125 directly on the crossroad at kilometer 231.

Chris – the owner – came to Orosei and Sardinia in 1982 and lives there from 1996 on, so he knows “his” Island very well while  our employees are all working for years in the dive business and most of them dive for years around Orosei and all over Sardinia and in winter time we work all over the world

As result of our long experience in sports diving around Sardinia (and the world), Chris  and his team gained the knowledge and professionalism  to give you an unforgettable experience while diving in Sardinia
Our guests from all countries and genders meet, dive and become friends with us  often resulting in friendships who last and cross borders spreading all over the world, so it is nothing strange that on our tours you will hear  several languages and meet divers from all over the world who became friends and meet again with us or somewhere else on this wonderful planet.

Sardinia Divers is diving daily our home site, the Gulf of Orosei, but frequently we organize one or more day dive excursions to the best dive sites in Sardinia using only selected local dive operators and hotels for the dives far from Orosei.

Sardinia Divers is a PADI Dive Resort and a SSI Dive Center to give our students the best options to start or continue their dive education  and we belive that this fine dive certification agencies are the best in dive education from beginners to professionals.

to see our pictues and videos, please scroll down!

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